Easy, Affordable and Super Convenient: WORLD REMIT Allows You to Instantly Send Money to Ghana–Even to Recipient’s Mobile Money Wallet

Sending more from anywhere in the world to Ghana or to other countries has somewhat become easy with the growth of the internet and the influx of several money transfer businesses. But, not all the available money transfer services can boost

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Expresso to Lose Its License to Operate in Ghana–As Its Debt Stock Has Reportedly Been Growing

For customers who have being wondering for long what is happening with the mobile telecommunication service provider, Expresso, formally known as Kasapa, well there is some news for you. According to Citi Business News, the National Communication Authority (NCA) has

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Capital Bank Offers the Highest Interest Rate on Savings & Standard Chartered Bank the Least–Says Bank of Ghana

If you are looking to save some of your earnings and receive a good interest on your savings, there are many banks in Ghana that claim to offer high interest rates but Bank of Ghana says, Capital bank is the

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My Experience: Eddy’s Pizza Never Changes—They Have Taken Bad Customer Service to A Whole New Level…Common Tissue is A Problem

1.7 out of 5
Rating: 1.7

Some things never change, no matter how much efforts you put into it. It’s like teaching an old dog new trick. That is exactly how Eddy’s Pizza Tema, located on the ground floor of the Giaan towers, off the Hospital road

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Beware When Buying Fuel From Allied Fuel Stations: Read How I Was Nearly Scammed By A Pump Attendant At the Lashibi/Sakumono Allied Fuel Station

0.5 out of 5
Rating: 0.5

There have been many speculations that fuel attendants in Ghana have a way of charging drivers more than the fuel they actually pump into their cars—ranging from the filling of cars with air to they lying to you about the actual amount

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