Easy, Affordable and Super Convenient: WORLD REMIT Allows You to Instantly Send Money to Ghana–Even to Recipient’s Mobile Money Wallet

Easy, Affordable and Super Convenient: WORLD REMIT Allows You to Instantly Send Money to Ghana–Even to Recipient’s Mobile Money Wallet

Sending more from anywhere in the world to Ghana or to other countries has somewhat become easy with the growth of the internet and the influx of several money transfer businesses. But, not all the available money transfer services can boost of being easy, affordable and convenient—the hallmark of World Remit.

As the Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com and a web entrepreneur based in United Kingdom, I send regular payments to writers and developers across the world. In fact, I send out payments to our writers in Ghana each month and so I’ve long been looking for a way to conveniently do this from the comfort of my desk.

And then World Remit came through: providing me with a convenient solution to send payments to Ghana and other countries at a low cost at anytime from anywhere. 

Apart from the fact that World Remit is cheap, it’s highly reliable and convenient for both the sender and the receiver.

World Remit

World Remit–Step 1

While the sender is able to use his or her Visa, Master card or bank account to make the transfer, the recipient can receive the sent cash via multiple channels, depending on what the sender chooses as convenient.

Since the writers I send money to each month are mostly busy, I rely on World Remit’s instant MTN Mobile Money transfer option to send their payments right from my desk in United Kingdom, straight to their mobile phones in Ghana.

That’s super cool, quick and efficient.

Apart from World Remit’s instant MTN Mobile transfer service, they also have options where the recipient can receive his or her remittance at one of their many pick up outlets across Ghana or the money can be directly sent to a bank account in Ghana.

World Remit--Step 2

World Remit–Step 2

If you are a Ghanaian living abroad who has a bank account in Ghana, you can use World Remit to send regular deposits straight to your account in Ghana–you don’t have to send it to someone on the back of all the risks before the person would go and deposit it in your bank account for you.

Even, you can use World Remit to send Air Time to someone in Ghana.

Interestingly, World Remit has created an easy to use website and mobile app, such that everyone can easily follow through with their simple steps to wire money to a loved one, friend or worker in Ghana or other countries.

When World Remit says transfers reach recipients instantly, they really mean instantly—within a minute or so, whatever cash you send is usually available at the recipient’s end.

World Remit--Step 3

World Remit–Step 3

For me, World Remit has totally “annihilated” the monthly headache of running to offices of remittance services to be able to send money across the ocean—by making it possible for me to send money to Ghana easily right from my computer.

World Remit--Step 4

World Remit–Step 4

Sometimes remittances are needed for emergencies and speed is key. If time is of the essence and you need to receive the money urgently, you want to be sure it’s arriving via the fastest service possible–and that’s when WorldRemit comes in.

WorldRemit sends from 50 countries to over 125 countries worldwide. As mentioned, Funds can be collected as via mobile money, cash pick up, bank deposit or airtime top up.

For more information, visit www.worldremit.com or download the app on iOS or Android.

If You Are Looking to Send Money to Ghana or Anywhere in the World, CLICK HERE to Try World Remit


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