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For Brands Not Concerned About Customer Experience; It is the New Competitive Advantage

The customer is always right and as silly as this saying is, it is the truest thing a business can ever adhere to. Interestingly, in Ghana, the voice of the brand is what they listen to. The beauty of brands

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At Least We Deserve A TIMETABLE If ‘Dumsor’ is Back | the Customer Must Know When Power Will Be Available

If seems we are back under the harsh tyranny of Dumsor, championed by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG)—-that’s if you believe it ever went away. Beyond all the political rhetoric surrounding Dumsor, one thing is certain, the extra later

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CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Every Ghanaian is Tired of ECG Yet There’s No Alternative | Is It Not Time to Open the Market for Competition?

A ruinous hallmark of a monopolistic market is the floodgate of abuse—while the inherent lack of alternative always breeds customer suffocation, exploitation and extortion. Interestingly, this is the sort of market the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has long been proudly

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