At Least We Deserve A TIMETABLE If ‘Dumsor’ is Back | the Customer Must Know When Power Will Be Available

At Least We Deserve A TIMETABLE If ‘Dumsor’ is Back | the Customer Must Know When Power Will Be Available

If seems we are back under the harsh tyranny of Dumsor, championed by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG)—-that’s if you believe it ever went away.

Beyond all the political rhetoric surrounding Dumsor, one thing is certain, the extra later of hardship and discomfort it adds to lives of Ghanaians cannot be argued, and its indiscriminate nature is one of a kind under the increasing favouritism and nepotism landscape of Ghana.

It doesn’t matter what political colour you wear or glorify yourself in, Dumsor does not respect that and provided you are an ECG customer which almost everyone is, you are surely to feel its dark hands anytime, mostly when you least expect it.

The uncertainty surrounding the elimination or otherwise of Dumsor is a strong political message but to the non-political zealot customers of ECG, it’s only reasonable that while the political warfare goes on, they are at least granted a basic customer service—by knowing when their power will be taken off on the back of a strict load shedding time table.

For the past month or so, what start as an intermittent power cut has graduated into what can reasonably be called REGULAR, a clear indication that, Dumsor is back and ECG needs to step up its customer service etiquette.

Unfortunately, ECG remains in the minds of Ghanaians as; if not an incompetent company enjoying undeserving monopoly, then a company which inherently lacks basic customer service and has little or no respect for its customer.

But whatever the true situation of ECG’s customer service is, providing a TIMETABLE for its Dumsor affected customers should not be a herculean task—they’ve done it before and should be able to do it.  And this time, it shouldn’t be just any timetable, it ought to be strict and binding.

There’s no point in escalating the plight of customers with deceit: saying they will have power tomorrow and proceeding to take the power off tomorrow. That’s past incompetence, it’s absolute disrespect and callous.

CustomerDiscuss.Com believes that, with the increasing power cuts, it’s only fair and perhaps necessary that ECG at least provides its already perturbed customers with a timetable so they can plan their lives around it.

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