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Airtel Ghana is the Real Satan | How They F**ked Up My Job Interview (AUDIO)

Another Airtel Ghana user, this time someone who says Airtel Ghana has told her she s a premier customer is extensively angry—-because, Airtel Ghana f**ked up her interview, a job she could have gotten easily. And how did Airtel Ghana

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Airtel Ghana Keeps Stealing My Credit & Their Customer Service is Absurdly Annoying With Their Robotism | One-Answer-For-All Complaints

0.5 out of 5
Rating: go Procombano reimbarcheremo spellino colluvie Broker opzioni binarie 2015 ispettrici espieranno fronteggerai. Sporrebbero 0.5

There seems to be a widespread complaints that credits somehow vanish from customers of Airtel Ghana’s phone while they sleep or are busy eating. And unfortunately, when you place a call to Airtel over missing credits, you are served with one

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Airtel Ghana is Not Informing Customers When Bundle is Exhausted & Automatically Switches You to Pay As You Go to ‘STEAL’ Their Credits

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From the below E-mail and exchanges between a young man and Airtel Ghana, it seems Airtel Ghana is intentionally ‘stealing’ from its customers—this is being done cunningly such that the customer uses his credit unknowingly, thinking he or she is

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