Stanbic Bank Ghana is Recklessly Sending Me Alerts of Large Deposits As Much As 552,000 GHS into An Account They Claim It’s Mine

by Customer Discuss Staff | June 13, 2017 3:54 am


Osei Agyeman, a Ghanaian based in Accra has shown CustomerDiscuss.Com[3] multiple alerts from Stanbic Ghana of deposits into an account ending  4734 purported to be his–when he does not hold any account of such nature with the bank.

What battles Osei is the sort of large deposits that come into this particular account and the unending alerts he keeps receiving.

“The deposits can make a purpose depressed in this economy. Amounts such as 552,000 GHS 335,000 GHS, 200,000 GHS and more are constantly deposited in this mysterious account of mine and each time, I get an alert bearing my name straight into my E-mail,” Osei said. 

According to Osei, this has been going on for over a year now–and strangely, most of the deposits are quickly withdrawn in large numbers just as they come.

“The monies come in large and they go out large too. And painfully I get alerts whenever there’s any activity on this strange account which bears my name,” he continued.

Osei thinks it’s torture and wants Stanbic Bank Ghana to stop sending him alerts from this account–considering the fact that he has never seen such large cash before, let alone to be receiving them in a bank account.

And he’s right; this is Ghana–his family witches may just kill me with such false information constantly coming into his inbox, with his name up there as the owner.


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