My Shocking Customer Experience At ‘Lord of the Wings’ At Cantonments—Beyond the Ridiculous Prices of Their Tasteless Chicken Lies A Shocking ‘VAT Scam’

My Shocking Customer Experience At ‘Lord of the Wings’ At Cantonments—Beyond the Ridiculous Prices of Their Tasteless Chicken Lies A Shocking ‘VAT Scam’

I recently flew into Ghana for a meeting and slept throughout the long flight without properly having an in-flight lunch.

When I finally landed at Kotoka International Airport which has seen some commendable world class internal facelift, I was deeply exhausted and unreasonably hungry.

But that didn’t mean I could cut short the usual about an hour and half wait for my luggage—I had to endure it and came out of the airport around 10pm, when I landed a few minutes to 8pm.

Since it was late, we decided to have a late dinner and opted for something light. Interestingly, we all ruled on the option of buying to eat any Ghanaian salad. For that’s not far from willingly drinking ‘Nana Adjei”, a stubborn local purgative.

My suggestion that we munch on some late night hot wings was well received and we soon found ourselves seated at Cantonments’ branch of one Ghana’s supposed fined chicken joints, ‘Lord of the Wings.’

From my experience, the name itself bothers on sarcasm—‘Lord of Tasteless Wings’ sounds perfect, considering the sort of wings the restaurant serves.

This was my second visit and though the taste has not improved, something else got my attention this time—strange but somewhat normal to a lot of Ghanaians.Apart from the ridiculous prices of their wings, with 10 Hot Wings priced at 37 GHS, around 7 pounds, I was shocked by the fact that the total of our order had significantly increased when we were presented with a bill for payment.

Let me state that, even in London which is one of the most expensive cities in the world, 7 pounds will get you near to 15 Hot Wings with fries—and sometimes, a free drink.

Lord of the Wings

Lord of the Wings

After placing an order for 30 Hot Wings (96 GHS) which we were told comes with only one small sauce and a second sauce ought to be bought if needed, the final bill presented was about 112 GHS.

As soon as I noticed the change in price on the bill, I questioned the waitress to find out if some sort of galloping inflation was in operation within their premises.

She stated that, the stated menu price excluded VAT—and that VAT is added on after a customer has placed an order and is ready to make payment.

As someone who has been to about 20 countries and have eaten at several other restaurants in Ghana, this was particularly strange but interesting.

I had no problem paying the new amount but I found it simply weird and cunning that no notice of the fact that the menu prices do not include VAT was placed anywhere or mentioned anywhere in the menu.

It’s obvious ‘Lord of the Wings’ cannot justify their high prices and adding a VAT would make their case worse, and as such, they’ve decided to misrepresent the true price to customers—hoping to compel them to pay the actual price once food has been eaten or order has been placed.

My immediate worry was; what would have happened if I had only 96 GHS on me, ordered for 96 GHS of food and ate, only to be told it is not the actual price but 112 GHS?

Everywhere I have eaten, my experience has been that VAT is included in the menu price—and if it’s not, a notice of its exclusion is boldly placed to give the customer a fair idea of what’s expected to be paid for a particular order.

When I expressed my shock to the waitress, she mentioned  a lot of customers have expressed the same concern but her bosses remained unpushed–still keeping the mispresented prices.screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-11-11-48

Prior to writing this piece, I asked on social media to find out if any of my followers have experienced such a thing anywhere in the world, especially in Ghana—and not only did many mention of having been victims in Ghana. They were also genuinely worried as to the extent of leeway given to these emerging restaurants in Ghana to indiscriminately hike prices and structure their menu in such non-transparent manner.

According to a Facebooker who commented, his friend was once asked to pay an extra 10 GHS on a 20 GHS Voltic water—and the 10 GHS extra was termed, ‘Ambience” fees.

Osagyefo Kojoamisty Toontoom wrote;

Hahaha I remember a friend bought voltic for 20ghc at a restaurant at East legon and the bill that came was 30ghc Cedis and he asked why the waitress said he has to pay for ambiance haha ? my Guy was like he didn’t oder for the ambiance but just water so he wasn’t going to pay. That day I really laugh my heart out at the restaurant. And anytime I remember it I still laugh over it ????? Ghana ??

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