PIZZA HUT REVIEW: Awesome Customer Service But Bad Pizza—Burnt Vegetables & Rice Pudding-Like Pizza

PIZZA HUT REVIEW: Awesome Customer Service But Bad Pizza—Burnt Vegetables & Rice Pudding-Like Pizza

I practically ate their pizza anytime I saw their billboard in town. The display alone could leave one drooling. I was just waiting for their grand opening to have a bite of what they have managed to display so well.

If all had went well I probably would be putting in beautiful words for them but the adverse is what happened so here I am writing of my bitter-sweet first time experience.

Pizza hut’s spot at the Achimota Retail Centre greeted me well over the weekend. The place is serene, spotlessly clean and just unquestionable.

We ordered for super supreme and waited for our serving. You know that indescribable feeling you get when you see the waiter come with your food? Yeah that exact feeling— we were gripped with that only to have our faces drop after we opened the box.

I hadn’t taken super supreme pizza but a look at it didn’t enthuse me to take a bite. I decided not to judge the book by its cover but that is exactly what I should have done because it didn’t taste well.

The vegetables were burnt, the cheese over flowing. The pizza could pass for rice pudding except that it was sticky and stretchy.

We didn’t wait long to vent our frustration and immediately they took to changing it.

Maybe we should’ve just endured our first order in peace. The second one was as hard as concrete, the vegetables wasn’t any better, the topping was a complete mess.

As we sat conversating in our grievances, we realized one man with his family had waited more than necessary. They placed their order few minutes after we started with our first meal.

We got served with our 2nd and they had still not been served. The annoying part was they kept serving others until the man complained. Did they forget someone had placed an order?

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would award them 4 for customer service. Their waiters were more “delicious” than their pizza. However for a brand that just sprang up in the malls, everything should be perfect or close to perfect.

Customers deserve better.

About CustomerDiscuss.Com:

Customer service in Ghana and most parts of Africa is the crappiest we’ve ever come across; as if Ghanaians or Africans use mango leaves to pay for services. The broadband never works, the electricity is never on, the water never flows—and the waitress can keep you waiting for your food until hunger kills your buds.

The real pain is, you have no alternative to turn to—because, like a gang of fools, they are all the same.

Almost every service and product delivering company in Africa has it butt in the faces of customers, farting uncontrollably because the customer cannot really do anything.  Mostly, if you quietly complain, they do nothing and if you are unlucky, they tell you to go f**k off.

Consumers have no voice, not even individual voices—let alone a collective one to force any sort of change.

So we’ve started this website-CustomerDiscuss.Com, supported by GhanaCelebrities.Com and other platforms, dedicated to corporate and public Africa, especially Ghana—-it’s time we shame some of these companies, tear down their lousy services, help them to lose customers and force them to do what’s right.

If you have a complaint about your telecom company, internet provider, a restaurant, your bank or even your church, shoot an email to us via; [email protected] or call/whatsapp 00447961817712.

When you go to a restaurant and you are served in a broken plate or on a dirty table, just take some photos and send them to us with the needed details.

Together, we can get these people to be accountable and importantly, do what’s expected of them.


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