The Papaye Shito Nonsense | How Papaye Served Me With A Ketchup Only to Open It to See Shito Rather in There

by Customer Discuss Staff | June 6, 2016 1:06 am


How would you feel if you went to a bar, bought a can of red bull only to open it to find coca cola in there?

That’s exactly what Papaye did; the below complainer-Priscilla, bought rice from Papaye’s Osu branch over the weekend and she was given a sachet labelled ketchup in her takeaway bag—which when she opened, there was shito rather in the sachet, clearly labelled ketchup and the inscription cancelled with a marker pen.

That’s some cheap and tacky packing there.

The bigger problem is, if Papaye can’t be bothered about how it presents or package food to paying customers, what makes anyone think they care about hygiene and quality food—something the customer cannot easily even establish?

Read Priscilla’s Complaint Below…

Dear Customer Discuss,

I always wonder how most Ghanaian businesses able to keep going, since they don’t care about retaining customers. Because if they did, they wouldn’t be treating customers with such great contempt day in and out.

You are paying for food with your hard earned money and the little you deserve as a customer is to be taken seriously or be respected for the business you are bringing. But in Ghana, to hell with the customer, businesses can’t be bothered.

Can you imagine my shock out of the fact that Papaye, Osu branch, does not really care about how they present their food to customers—-when I ordered for fried rice and later saw in the packed takeaway bag, a sachet with ketchup written on it and tackily cancelled (see attached photo).

I opened this sachet only to find that, though labelled ketchup which has been cancelled, it was packed with shito.

That’s some bad packaging, clearly, someone does not care much about how a customer would feel about this obvious tackiness.

Two things must have happened here; it’s either the company wrongly labelled its shito sachets as ketchup and instead of changing all, decided to use a marker pen to cancel the inscription ketchup. Or the company had no shit labelled sachets and decided to pack shito into the sachets labeled ketchup, and then used a marker pen to cancel the ketchup written on the sachet.

Whatever it was, this actually got me thinking that, if Papaye does not even care about this, what makes anyone thinks they really care about the food they are selling—-to the extent that they will care about hygiene and quality food?

Where in the world would you see this? It’s like buying a can of red bull and opening it to see coke in there.

I am never going to back to Papaye; that food went straight to the dogs.


Response from Papaye to ‘CustomerDiscuss.Com’ team

We are waiting to see if they will have anything reasonable to say to this…

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The real pain is, you have no alternative to turn to—because, like a gang of fools, they are all the same.

Almost every service and product delivering company in Africa has it butt in the faces of customers, farting uncontrollably because the customer cannot really do anything.  Mostly, if you quietly complain, they do nothing and if you are unlucky, they tell you to go f**k off.

Consumers have no voice, not even individual voices—let alone a collective one to force any sort of change.

So we’ve started this website-CustomerDiscuss.Com[3], supported by GhanaCelebrities.Com[4] and other platforms, dedicated to corporate and public Africa, especially Ghana—-it’s time we shame some of these companies, tear down their lousy services, help them to lose customers and force them to do what’s right.

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