When Celebrities Suffer Bad Customer Service: Yvonne Nelson is Closing Her Standard Chartered Accounts Due To How Staff Treated Her

When Celebrities Suffer Bad Customer Service: Yvonne Nelson is Closing Her Standard Chartered Accounts Due To How Staff Treated Her

Every day here at CustomerDiscuss.Com we attempt to tell you the story of aggrieved people, who have suffered from the rotten culture of customer service in this country.

Generally these stories are from your average Joe, who received this terrible treatment, for which there seems to be no means to seek redress. The culture is so endemic that even complaining about it to the superiors at the company you were badly treated at is unlikely to get you any favourable result.

Yet, it seems the habit of bad customer service stretches its ugly hand everywhere. Actress Yvonne Nelson has been fuming on twitter this morning over an unpleasant experience she had at a Standard Chartered Bank in Accra.

According to her, she visited the bank’s branch at Opeibea House in Accra, and received poor treatment. She tweeted that a lady at the priority centre was being rude and condescending. She noted what is almost a universal truism in Ghana- that staff need proper customer service training.

She said she’ll be closing her accounts at the establishment.

“Standard chartered bank opeibea house, watch it!!! Treat your customers right and keep your staircase clean. The smell? goodness?

“The lady at the priority counter needs some serious customer care training. Her condescending tone coupled with her attitude #Stanchart

“I’m closing my accounts because of this rude lady at the priority center at standard chartered bank opeibea house branch ????

It seems that aside their terrible customer service staff, the bank cannot keep its premises clean as well.

Customer service is so rotten in Ghana, which is why we all need to stand up and fight against it. Lydia Forson recently had a similarly terrible experience as well. It’s coming for all of us, irrespective of status.


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