Airtel Ghana Customer Who Complained Bitterly to CD is Now Smiling | Says Airtel Called Him & They Have Fixed His Problem

by Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri | May 31, 2016 2:35 am


It feels great to receive such satisfactory E-mails, especially from someone who was frustrated by the sort of customer service he was receiving from his phone network.

A few weeks ago, Godwin wrote to CustomerDiscuss.Com to complain about how Airtel Ghana automatically switches him from bundle (when his bundle finishes) to pay-as-you-go without any alert[3]—constantly leading to his credit being used without even knowing he was doing so.

Reasonably, if you subscribe to a bundle and it finishes or before it finishes, Airtel Ghana or whatever network you are on is supposed to alert you via a text message that your bundle is about to finish or it’s exhausted.

But in the case of Godwin which turned out to be the experience of many other Ghanaians, Airtel Ghana was not telling him his bundle has been exhausted, so while he would think he is using his bundle, it always turned out that he was using his credits—which obviously is expensive.

Here, it’s obvious Airtel Ghana was benefitting from such a cunning enterprise; you are forced to use credits that you would not reasonable use thinking it’s in place and you are on a bundle.

This is somewhat thievery; cleverly done—imagine how much Airtel Ghana would benefit if this is than to 100,000 Ghanaians in a week? And the misfortune to these customers?

Following our publication, Godwin says he has received at least two calls from Airtel Ghana and true to their promise to fix the alert problem for him, it has been fixed.

Unfortunately, it seems others are still facing the same problem—which means Airtel Ghana must fix a nationwide customer problem, instead of fixing it individually for people like Godwin who make to CustomerDiscuss.Com with their complaints.

Read Godwin’s E-Mail Below…

Hello Boss Vincent and your Team!

Thanks so much for the good work!  I complained bitterly about how AIRTEL GHANA kept stealing from Customers with the PAY AS YOU GO package (the automatic switch to main credit).

In Africa and especially Ghana, it is so Rare that an organization would call you upon a complaint logded talkless fixing the issue.It’s so rare.

I logded the complaint  with VINCENT luckily hoping they would attend to my plight whiles I went to bed.

Shockingly and to my amazement AIRTEL Called me! They called wanting to know what’s my problem. I was like, in my head didn’t you guys read my complaints? It’s a plus they called anyway.

The customer care agent promised that this issue will be fixed like God telling Moses~~these Egyptians!you would see no more.

I said boss thanks for calling but my main concern is not on the promises Ooo Boga just fix the thing for me la.Couple of days later I received another call from Airtel again to monitor the progress, for it had been done!!

I asked the guy masa masa relax are you sure??He said Godwin keep monitoring.

Vincent it’s been a week now and I must confess the issue has been solidly rectified.The bundle exhaustion message is prompt and trusted!!

For me porting is never an option and will never be an option!! Airtel Ghana’s competitive advantage is outstanding and uncomparable!!!

As a loyal Customer I would in any day engage in positive word of mouth for Airtel Ghana for understanding our plights. I hope they do not feel complacent in delivering their service.

Once again I want to thank CustomerDiscuss.Com,most importantly Vincent for being the masses mouthpiece!!This was a fight worth fighting Vincent!!

Thanks Airtel Ghana! Thanks CustomerDiscuss.Com and GhanaCelebrities.Com!we love you??


About CustomerDiscuss.Com:

Customer service in Ghana and most parts of Africa is the crappiest we’ve ever come across; as if Ghanaians or Africans use mango leaves to pay for services. The broadband never works, the electricity is never on, the water never flows—and the waitress can keep you waiting for your food until hunger kills your buds.

The real pain is, you have no alternative to turn to—because, like a gang of fools, they are all the same.

Almost every service and product delivering company in Africa has it butt in the faces of customers, farting uncontrollably because the customer cannot really do anything.  Mostly, if you quietly complain, they do nothing and if you are unlucky, they tell you to go f**k off.

Consumers have no voice, not even individual voices—let alone a collective one to force any sort of change.

So we’ve started this website-CustomerDiscuss.Com[4], supported by GhanaCelebrities.Com[5] and other platforms, dedicated to corporate and public Africa, especially Ghana—-it’s time we shame some of these companies, tear down their lousy services, help them to lose customers and force them to do what’s right.

If you have a complaint about your telecom company, internet provider, a restaurant, your bank or even your church, shoot an email to us via; [email protected] or call/whatsapp 00447961817712.

When you go to a restaurant and you are served in a broken plate or on a dirty table, just take some photos and send them to us with the needed details.

Together, we can get these people to be accountable and importantly, do what’s expected of them.

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