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ECG’s Approved Standard Testing Contractors Are Exorbitantly Charging Whatever They Want | Can’t There Be Fixed Charges to Control Customer Exploitation?

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If you thought the old system of obtaining an Electricity Company of Ghana, (ECG) meter was burdensome, then wait till you get to read this. Apparently, ECG has issued a new directive that before you qualify to get a new

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Eddy’s Pizza Owner Apologizes to Customer Who Waited for Over 3 Hours for Pizza | Says Their “Goal is to Always Provide the Best Possible Service and Products”

A few days ago, CustomerDiscuss.Com published a complaint from a dissatisfied customer who had to wait for over 3 hours for an ordered pizza at Eddy’s Pizza’s Tema branch—and it was a Mother’s Day, which made it worse for her

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Following CustomerDiscuss.Com’s Publication Airtel Ghana Blames Customers For Disappearing Credits And Not Them

Airtel Ghana has hit back at claims from customers about their clandestine means of ‘stealing’ their credits by blaming the customers for not paying attention to their messages. CustomerDiscuss.Com has for the past few days been inundated with complaints from

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No Passports for Any Ghanaian Because Passport Printing Machine is Broken Since Last Year | Ghana Embassy in USA is Offering ‘Nauseating Service’

This is somewhat a global problem—we mean it’s a problem at all the Ghana Embassies across the world. Since receiving the below E-mail from a Ghanaian based in USA who says since last year December, the Ghana Embassy in USA

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Ghana’s National Communication Authority Must Be Crazy | The NCA is Contemplating On Banning WhatsApp, Viber & Others Because MTN and Others Say They Are Losing Money

Sometimes, it feels as though having been born a Ghanaian, especially living in Ghana then-after is a grand curse from the gods. Jimmy Uys was wrong when he said “ The Gods Must Be Crazy,” he meant, Ghana’s National Communication

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Airtel Ghana Keeps Stealing My Credit & Their Customer Service is Absurdly Annoying With Their Robotism | One-Answer-For-All Complaints

There seems to be a widespread complaints that credits somehow vanish from customers of Airtel Ghana’s phone while they sleep or are busy eating. And unfortunately, when you place a call to Airtel over missing credits, you are served with one

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Eddy’s Pizza: It Took Over 3 Hours for Our Ordered Pizza to Arrive & Rudely They Didn’t Even Care #putthemoblast

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Imagine having to wait in a restaurant for your food, and in this case just a mere pizza for over 3 hours—and then on top being disrespected by the workers. The above summarizes the experience of Mary who took her

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Customers Say ‘Freddies Corner Has Become A Rogue Business’ | Don’t Buy From Them Or Ever Take Your Gadget to Them for Repairs Or Else

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From the below account by a woman who received an appalling service from the over hyped and much advertised-Freddies Corner, plus the many comments of customers who have one way or the other experienced extreme dissatisfying and sometimes scamming service from

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Airtel Ghana is Not Informing Customers When Bundle is Exhausted & Automatically Switches You to Pay As You Go to ‘STEAL’ Their Credits

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From the below E-mail and exchanges between a young man and Airtel Ghana, it seems Airtel Ghana is intentionally ‘stealing’ from its customers—this is being done cunningly such that the customer uses his credit unknowingly, thinking he or she is

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