CustomerDiscuss.Com’s New QUICK Customer Review Feature is On | Give It A Try NOW

by Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri | May 24, 2016 10:33 am


The various complaints and experiences are coming in like crazy to CustomerDiscuss.Com[3] and we love to read them as well as work on for publication.

However, we understand at CustomerDiscuss.Com[4] that not everyone would want to write a long E-mail to us detailing his or her experience. Some people just want to write 3 lines about their experience or want their experience published instantly by themselves.
So we have added a new interesting feature called Customer Review[5]; just go to our website and look through the Menu for customer review—find the company or business you want to share your experience or review on, then just write your heart out freely.
You can also rate the businesses or companies with stars—just make sure you don’t give 5 stars to a wacky business—if you do that, you can’t sleep at night by deceiving others.

It’s on now so check it out…

We have just added the telecommunication companies in Ghana; our team is working hard to add all the major companies and businesses.

Try your hands on it and let’s see. You can go this page directly via by clicking here.[6]


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